In business, nothing is MORE important than happy customers. With their permission, many of my customers allowed me to post their comments. I hope this is helpful. For privacy reasons, last names are not used.

Hi Tom,
We have just finished the closing, and everything went very much to our liking. We surely didn’t expect to get so much money at the end, but it will surely help toward next years insurance and taxes. We are $1291 a month richer as of today, and we owe it to you. How can we thank you? You were a perfect loan officer in every way. You made it easy for us. We will certainly recommend you to anyone we know who is thinking about a reverse mortgage.  Again all our thanks, and you will hear from us later.
Charles Anna and Buzzy
“How can I ever repay you for helping me in my time of need”?  Thank you so much…
“Mrs. S”
Hi Tom,
Just a short note to thank you for your assistance in helping us to understand and complete the HECM mortgage process. We had been told a lot of misleading information regarding a reverse mortgage and did not think it would be good for us, however, when we researched it ourselves and came across your website it helped us to truly understand the process and make a decision to contact you so we could ask questions. After meeting you we understood the entire process and decided it was right for us. The actual process went very smoothly with no surprises and did not take long to complete.
Thank you for all your help.
Pastor Jim
Good Afternoon Tom,
I want to take the opportunity to thank you for an amazing job you did in processing the Reverse Mortgage for my parents. Until you took the time to educate me and my parents I did not know what a great product this was for someone like my parents.  You were extremely knowledgeable and professional in handling my parent’s loan. We can’t thank you enough for all your time and effort.  My parents can enjoy their home with peace of mind that they can stay in their home as long as they are able and are still with us. My deepest gratitude.
 Luis S.
Deb, several weeks ago you had Tom Russo in to discuss reverse mortgages. Since I was heading down that path with another lender, I said let me check out the reverse mortgage seminar. Well, Tom pointed out several important items that my original lender did not mention that saved me all sorts of time and headaches. Tom is an expert and I would recommend Tom for any reverse mortgages as they occur.
Jack S. (Realtor)
It’s been nearly 9 months of living at my current address and the ‘moving in’ process is nearly complete.  I finally have time to look back and realize just how fortunate I have been to have had the opportunity to use a Reverse Purchase to move into a home and community that I had only dreamed of doing when I started my retirement hunt.  A big thanks has to go to my realtor who introduced me to Tom Russo.  And an even bigger THANKS has to go to Tom himself.  He guided me through the process in a professional and yet gentle manner which made an enormous undertaking seem like a cake walk.  To say that I am extremely satisfied with the entire process would, of course, be an understatement.  I highly recommend to anyone to take advantage of Tom Russo’s expertise when considering a Reverse Purchase/Mortgage.
Frank J.
I was made aware of Tom Russo & the reverse mortgage program through a brochure in the real estate office.  Mr. Russo contacted my wife and & I immediately to explain the program. I was impressed with his knowledge of the program and his willingness to help. When we decided to purchase a property, Tom led us through all of the paperwork involved. He was always available to us for our questions & to help with the reverse purchase process. Thanks to Mr. Russo, the whole purchase process was as painless as possible. His availability, knowledge, and professionalism were exceptional -We highly recommend Mr. Russo to others interested in the reverse purchase/mortgage programs.
Don J. SCC resident.
We want to thank you for your help with the mortgage we just obtained. The “Reverse Purchase” was new territory for us and we could not have navigated it without your help. We really appreciated your ability to explain everything in understandable terms. You took us step by step through the entire process. You made the process go as smooth as possible and your computer skills made the paper signing a breeze. We would highly recommend your services to anyone who asked.
John and Sue L.  SCC resident
Good Morning Tom,
Ted and I just want to say a big ”Thank You” for being so patient and understanding during our Reverse Mortgage process. We had been advised not to enter this type of mortgage from some very “well-meaning people”, (who were misinformed about what they thought they knew), so we were a little nervous about doing it. However, this is one time I am glad we listened to your professional expertise and not theirs. You were patient, extremely knowledgeable and very easy to work with. To top it off,  your estimates were right on the money with no surprises at the closing! We were confident that you had our best interests at heart. We are very happy with our decision and needless to say, you are the BEST and we would definitely recommend you to anyone considering this type of mortgage.
Many thanks,
Ted and Dorma
It was amazing the patience that you had sitting down at the kitchen table and explaining the reverse mortgage to my husband and I.  You sat four hours listening and answering our questions especially mine because I always have a lot of questions.  The processing of each loan that you have processed for us has gone smoothly and quickly to closing.  I consider you a friend, a mentor, and a tease because you call me Barbara which has become a big joke. You were very helpful as our lender!
Linda B.
Hey Tom,
In looking back at the whole process of considering a Reverse Mortgage we have to thank Dave K. for suggesting we contact you. He said you were the “guru” on that subject. He was right. We were very hesitant if not skeptical of the reverse mortgage concept. You were excellent in breaking it down so that we could understand it and see why it was advantageous for us at this stage of life. You were always available and prompt in answering our questions. Thank you very much.
Dan and Mary S.
I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help. I am thrilled.  Can’t say enough – all business transactions should feel this way… Kaykae T.
Thank you, Tom ! I was not sure if a reverse mortgage was exactly what I needed.  Tom Russo was highly recommended to me and he was wonderful.  His knowledge guided me step by step through the paperwork and he was able to answer my many questions each time we met.  He was honest in his assessment of my situation and his suggestions brought the process to a speedy conclusion.  Thanks again Tom – you were there every step of the way….
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